Damasko Dive Watches

Damasko Dive Watches

Damasko DSub Dive Watches - 43/44mm

Functional reliability under a water pressure of up to 30 bar (300 metres), good readability even in adverse visual conditions and accuracy are indispensable features of a reliable diver’s watch. The DSub range from Damasko goes even further. The sporty, masculine bead-blasted case is made in-house using special submarine steel.

Damasko DSub1

Damasko DSub1 Dive Watch
Black Dial, Yellow Highlights, Blasted Sub Steel Case

Damasko DSub2

Damasko DSub2 Dive Watch
Blue Dial, Orange Highlights, Blasted Sub Steel Case

Damasko DSub3

Damasko DSub3 Dive Watch
Black Dial, Orange Highlghts, Blasted Sub Steel Case
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